New members needing Flight Instructions​
Instructor-Mike Waters-678-873-6075​​​

It is the goal of NCRCF to have safe and trained pilots. In doing so we offer a instructor who will work with you in the safety and correct operation of flying RC aircraft. Our instructors are volunteers and are not being paid. Please be respectful of their time and equipment if they choose to use their own equipment.  It would be in your best interest to contact NCRCF and get set up with an instructor and set a plan for your training. Length of training will depend on you and how often you schedule time to train. It helps to spend at least 1 day a week at 2-3 hours to learn and train in safety and control. 

​Signed off as Qualified

1. Pilot must successfully take off and land 

2. Demonstrate the ability to fly a left-hand, right-hand and figure eight pattern while        demonstrating full control of the aircraft.