General Field Rules

1. The field is open 7 days a week. Sunday hours for glow and gas engines are restricted to 1:00        PM to 6:00 PM. Electric power models may fly at any time.

2. Current membership in the AMA is required of all pilots including members and guest that are      flying any model aircraft. 

3. Guests are restricted to three flying visits per year with current AMA membership.

4. All pilots must abide by the current NCRCF Club rules and AMA safety guidelines and                  regulations.

5. All instructions and regulations posted at the club flying site and instructions from the Club          Safety Officers must be followed at all times.

6. No pilot should fly alone.

7. Alcoholics beverages are prohibited at the field.

8. No flying allowed while under influence of drugs or alcohol. 

9. Spectators are allowed in the designated Spectator Area anytime, but are not allowed in the        Pit area unless accompanied by a member at all times.

10. Small children and pets are not allowed in the Pit Area and must be supervised by a non-              participating adult at all times.

11. Aircraft only, no R/C Car/Trucks allowed.

12. A club member, or guest who causes damage to the equipment of another club , or guest            shall make restitution as decided by the Clubs Board of Directors.

13. Effective muffling is required on all engines of .15 cubic inches or larger.

14. All engines shaft threads must be covered by a spinner or acorn type prop nut.

15. The pilots current AMA  card, with NCRCF sticker must be used to reserve a frequency on              the  board prior to use of any AM/FM Transmitter.

16. A maximum of 4 aircraft allowed in the air at one time.

17. Engines are to be started or restarted on the flight line side of the Pit Area only. No starting          of engines allowed in the Pit Area.

18. Pilots must stand in designated areas along the Flight Line safety fence.

19. Flying is allowed only to the east side of the Flight Line safety and no deliberate flying over          the pits is allowed.

20. The traffic pattern is determined by the prevailing wind and must be observed.

21. Flying beyond the tree line surrounding the flying site is prohibited especially at the north           end of the field.

22. Low high speed fly-bys are prohibited over the paved runway or in the direction of the Pit             Area.

23. Hovering or 3D maneuvers are prohibited at the runway approaches.

24. Low, high-speed fly-bys, hovering and 3D maneuvers are allowed only over the grass area              just east of and parallel to the runway.

25. Helicopter training area is to the south end of the field at the designated area.

26. All landings must be announced and have right-of-way for runway use.

27. All dead stick situations must be announced and have priority over all other activities.

28. Landed aircraft should be removed from the runway ASAP after announcing intention to walk        beyond the Flight Line safety fence.

29. Engines are to be shut down before reaching the Flight Line safety fence and no aircraft shall        be taxed into or from the Pits.